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Jackie Sweet and Miles Gallagher
Jackie Sweet prepares his massage table as Miles Gallagher walks in for his session. Jackie helps Miles remove his shirt, and invites him to lay down on the table. Jackie begins massaging Miles' back, and very quickly moves his hands down to Miles' pants to remove them. Miles is still wearing his jockstrap, which showcases his tight, smooth ass. Jackie pours some oil on Miles' back, and begins rubbing it in. It doesn't take long before Jackie removes Miles' jockstrap, and we catch a quick glimpse of Miles' thickening cock as he momentarily lifts up off the table. Jackie resumes the massage, focusing more and more on Miles' plump ass cheeks. Jackie pours a bit more oil on Miles' ass, some of which trickles down on his balls and cock. Jackie starts focusing on Miles' tight, furry hole, while also reaching down and giving Miles' ever hardening cock a couple of tugs. Jackie then moves down to work on Miles' legs and feet, and we hear Miles breathing deeper as he really starts getting into the massage. Jackie gives Miles' feet a thorough workover, massaging the soles and getting between every toe. Finally, after massaging every inch of Miles' backside, Jackie has him roll over and we finally get a full view of Miles' thick, uncut sausage. Jackie grabs hold of it, and slowly starts jacking it up and down; rolling the tight foreskin back and forth over Miles' engorged cockhead. Miles is really getting turned on, his cock is pointing straight up and is rock hard. Jackie adds a bit of oil to Miles' cock, gripping the base with one hand and slowly teasing the sensitive cockhead with the other hand. Jackie then starts using both hands to massage Miles' cock, as Miles tenses up and clutches at the blanket underneath him. It's not going to be long before we have a "happy ending". Jackie reaches up with one hand and starts tweaking one of Miles' nipples, while quickening the stroking of his cock. Miles' balls draw up tight, as he starts breathing harder and faster. His cock stiff as a steel pole, Miles can't take any more and starts pumping out squirt after squirt of hot creamy cum all over his stomach. Jackie slowly squeezes every last drop of man-juice from Miles' softening cock. Totally spent and relaxed, Miles gazes up at Jackie with contentment as our scene fades to black.


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