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Deadbeat Gagged And Nailed
This little cunt-mouth had really pissed me off by coming in late repeatedly, and I decided to teach him a lesson. It irked me more that he denied it. Even after slapping him around some, he had that fucking expression on his face that just oozed contempt for authority. Well, I had had enough of his back talk, so I whipped out my cock and told him to stroke it. Although he didn't seem to happy, he at least shut the fuck up. Before long his lips were wrapped around my dick. It was soon thereafter that I discovered that this guy basically has no gag reflex, so I went to town on his throat. Pinching his nose, I face fucked him good. It was hot, too, becuase he has some pretty eyes, and the gaze that he had staring up at me while my meat was in his mouth - well, it was priceless. Onto the bed, I wrapped my legs around his neck and gagged him a lot more with my cock. Finally, after some rough treatment, I was able to get some cock tears running down from the corner of his eyes.


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