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Angelo and Zach Meat Up - Part 1
So I'm sitting here minding my own business after just busting one out when in walks some dude and tells me that the nurse told him to wait for the doc here. Damn I know this clinic is crazy and shit but what the fuck yo. Anyways, he decides to sit and wait with me. I was still feelin' kinda horny..I guess it's that Brazillian blood in I adjust my dick thru my underwear...I guess this kid thought it meant something else but heck...a blow job's a blow job right? Next thing you know this dude is suckin' on my meat like it was a New York strip steak! Fuck yea! I made that fucker go alllll the way down my shaft. I even think he almost puked at one point tryin to swallow the whole thing...I fucken love greedy cock suckers. I wanted to bust in his mouth but, he grabbed hold of my cock and beat my meat until I popped on my abs. Fuck, I feel spent! Where's this fucken doctor yo?


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