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The Warm Up Part 1
As I wait for the doc, I couldn't help but wonder if he could give me solid pointers on warming up before a game...little did I know I'd get more than just some tips. After the usual vitals exam, Nurse Stevens checked my range of motions. I think he knew what to check cause I was really getting turned on by his groping in my underwear. I could even feel my sticky pre-cum oozing out as he grabbed my crotch. I knew I was in for a good time. Nurse Stevens has a hot cock and I really wanted to feel it deep inside me. With each thrust inside me I could feel my prostate tingle, this guy really knew how to hit those spots. I was rock hard as he fucken pounded my ass. I knew the second I spit on my hand and jerked my dick, that I was in for the best orgasm of my life!


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