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Special Delivery Part 2
It had been almost 2 hours since my request for ice packs and finally the delivery guy arrives with the package. I'd seen him at the clinic and on campus but never really had a chance to introduce myself. He was a sexy guy and I was feeling a bit horny so I did what we do here and made a move on 'em. He didn't hesitate so we got right down to business. I only had a few minutes till me next patient so I worked his cock really good with my mouth. But being the insatiable horn dog that I am, I made him fuck me. The initial insertion smarted a little but as my asshole soon relaxed, and I let him pound my hole. This kid really knew how to fuck. I could feel him grinding and gyrating all up in my ass and it felt so good. He had me in all different sorts of positions but the best one was when he had me on my back and I could feel his rod thrust up against my prostate. It felt so good I shot my load all over!


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