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Milked Twice Part 2
After Kurt got Bruno off for his morning dick sucking session. Kurt wanted his dick sucked really bad so Bruno was ready and willing to return the favor. Kurt's dick was ready to go and very rock hard pointing upwards getting ready for Bruno's mouth. Bruno starts to jerk off Kurt's stiff dick then placing his mouth onto the cock sucking and teasing the head of the dick with a few more jerks, Kurt can't hold back and cums spurting out a large amount of cum as Bruno jerks the dick. Kurt is still hard and still very horned up so Bruno continues to jerk him off and sucks his cock and plays with Kurt's ballsac. As the two get into there morning oral game, Kurt wants to cum again but this time taking a bit longer making him more horny and wanting to bust. Bruno does his best by keeping Kurt on the edge but Kurt is to the point, he can't hold back and cums again as his body tenses up, Kurt lets out another big load of cum squirting on his chest while Bruno strokes the last once of cum from his dick.


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