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Jay And Ryan Part 1
What is more endearing than seeing two adorable cute boys in bed hugging and snuggling as they sleep? How about raunchy steamy sex that drives these two insane with need. Jay looks so comfy all curled up against Ryan's chest and he is slumbering peacefully until Ryan wakes up and realizes that he has Jay all to himself. Jay is woken up by Ryan's hand delving into his red briefs playing with his already hardening cock. He smiles as he turns over and his undies are taken off. Jay has such an angelic face it's really fascinating to watch his expressions as he is jerked and fingered.He leans back enjoying Ryan's tender administrations to his dick. Jay then reaches down coming up half way to grab his own cock as Ryan stuffs fingers deep within his ass. They take turn jerking on his cock as Ryan's hand continues to play with his ass inside out. Jay enjoys how great those fingers feel in his ass and licks his lips as his excitement mounts and he explodes his sticky load for Ryan's talented hands.


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