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Beach Bums 2 Friendly Fuck
After a fun filled day cavorting and canoodling at the beach, Trevor Harris and Riley Finch stop by school boy Chase Williams place to rub it in. Feeling feisty, Finch tells the pair, they could make money like him, and be a cam boy. Harris shoots back, my dick is for private showings only. Then, with grade A game, Chase says, its pretty private in here, which initiates a triple twink-tongue tie up! Williams can see the zipper on Trevors shorts straining, caused by the cock heavy contents now grown to full capacity. So, he releases the beast, and eases the young studs pain with his warm mouth. Clothes fall to the floor, and the three friends share one anothers cocks in every configuration. Rimming, trains and spit roasts run wild in this thrusty thrupple three way, all cumming to a head when Finch takes a facial from Chases king sized cock. The boy responds by blasting bust sky high! The shooting spunk sparks Harris hot rod, and he spits a colossal cum shot, which covers most of Finchs tight, twink torso.The three way ends as it began, with a thirsty thrupple kiss, only this time with heavy breath from butts well banged.


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