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Beach Bums Ep 7 Dickstracted
Riley Finch is rinsing a fun filled, sunny day at the beach off in the shower when Levi Rhodes walks in. The pair share an understanding about always doing what feels good; and, nothing would feel better than their naked, wet bodies rubbing against each other. Levi strips down and hops in. The two twinks intertwine with passionate, wet kisses; and, soon enough, Riley is bobbing up and down on Levis extra long dong. After getting his cock swallowed, Rhodes orders the tiny twink to stand up. He spins him around, pushes Riley against the stall wall, then buries his face in that incredible ass. Finch turns to himself on Levis lips, then begs him to stop teasing his hole. Happy to oblige, Rhodes rams his raging rig in the boys back door. Finch moans in ecstasy as his hard cock bounces in time to his tops thick dicked thrusts. He grabs his ample appendage, strokes it a bit, then suggests they take this tryst to the bedroom. Riley lays back on the bed. Levi takes the hint, and shoves the twinks tall tally whacker towards his tonsils. But, our boy wants more than just a taste; so, he climbs up on that cock and takes Rileys raging rod for a ride. The pretty pair flip once again and Riley gets a ride. Just then, his buddy Chase Williams calls, attempting to give the dirty details of his latest hook up. But, he hears the bed rocking and ends the call so the boys can get back to business. Riley thrashes on top of Levi, letting himself have every inch of the boy before flipping once more! Then, he tears into his buddys backside like a beast, pushing his knees back as far as they can go. His huge cock pushes Levis load to the surface, and the boy busts all over his smooth six pack. Finch fucks till hes ready to fire, then blasts Rhodes with thick white ropes of fresh cream. He kisses Levi, then immediately calls Chase back, anxious to hear every delicious detail about his hot fuck.


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